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Bialowieza Primeval Forest

Where is it? What is it?

The Białowieża Forest (about 1500 square km) lies right on the border between Poland and Belarus. Polish part of the forest covers about 600 square km. It is situated in the north - eastern Poland in the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

Right in the heart of the Forest is the Białowieża National Park and the village with the same name – Białowieża.

The high degree of naturalness of the Białowieża Forest habitats makes it the only "window" into the past of the European nature.

Europe was covered by such forests approximately a thousand years ago, before our civilization spread out and deforested the land.

Białowieża National Park (BPN) covers 105 square km.

It is only one-sixth of the entire Polish part of Białowieża Forest, what means that most of the Forest is still not sufficiently protected!

Many efforts are undertaken to preserve the whole area of the Forest under protection of the National Park. The forest area outside Białowieża NP is under the State Forestry administration. It is called “The Bialowieza Forest Promotional Forest Complex”. Because of unique nature habitats, in the whole forest there are also other forms of protection for example: numerous natural reserves, monumental trees, Nature 2000 areas.

The entire Polish part of the Białowieża Forest is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

Since June 2014 all Białowieża Forest is honored by UNESCO as The World Heritage Site!


What you can see?

What you can see here, mainly depends on the time when you decide to visit us.

There are clear seasonal changes visible in the nature because of geographical localization of this deciduous forest. It means that every visit can bring a totally new wildlife experience.

If you want to see big mammals: European bison, Red deer, Wild boar, Elk, Roe deer in their natural habitat - choose winter!

There are 59 mammal species here. Between them 12 species of predators - such as wolf and lynx!

All of the animals in the forest are very watchful because of constant activity of their natural enemies. That is why the animal observation in their natural habitat is not easy but it is very exciting indeed.

The best season for watching birds is Spring.

In whole Białowieza Forest about 250 bird species have been observed!

In spring you can see birds which return to the Białowieza Forest from their winter refuges, for example: Wryneck, Golden Oriole, Corncrake, Lesser Spotted Eagle, 4 species of Flycatchers and many other…

This unique forest is the only place where you can find all 9 species of European woodpeckers! Białowieza Forest is even called the kingdom of woodpeckers.

You can try to spot here all year round Three-toed woodpecker and White-backed woodpecker – both species strictly connected with natural forests. Pygmy Owl (the smallest owl in Europe) is another species you can find in this forest in every season.

If you like amphibians, the spring forest is also for you.

There are 10 species of amphibians currently confirmed here: Tree frog, Spadefoot, Common toad, Green toad, Common and Moor frog, 2 species of green frogs and 2 species of newts: wheat and crested.

In Summer you can admire very dense and shadowy forest, filled with herbs and ferns.

Autumn is the best to see how nature prepares for winter. In September you can admire deer rut. The mating season of Red deer is very spectacular. In October you can enjoy beautiful Polish golden Autumn!


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photos: Karol Zub

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